10 Songs You Ought to Hear To Now: This week’s Pitchfork picks the playlist

Pitchfork employees listen to a lot of new music. Lots of it. Every day, our authors, editors, and contributors go through an impressive number of new publications, making recommendations to each other, and discovering new favorites. Every Monday we share what our writers obsessively play on our Pitchfork Selects playlist and highlight some of the Pitchfork staff’s favorite new pieces of music. The playlist is a collection of songs: the only guiding principle is that these are the songs you would like to send to a friend.

This week’s Pitchfork Selects playlist includes Dua Lipa, Burna Boy, DJ Blackpower, Tierra Whack, Angel Bat Dawid and Tha Brothahood, Greta Morgan, and more. Listen below and follow our playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. (Pitchfork earns a commission on purchases made through affiliate links on our website.)

Pitchfork selection: November 2, 2020

AceMoMa: “Revolutionary”
Tierra Whack: “Dora”
Black Land, new road: “Science Fair”
Depiction of guilt: “It’s already over”
DJ Blackpower: “Mhm!”
Greta Morgan: “When the sun comes up”
Michael Penn: “A Revival”
Angel Bat Dawid / Tha Brothahood: “Black Family (live)”
Dua Lipa / Angèle: “Fever”
Burna Boy: “20:10:20”

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