12-year-old rapper Lil Rodney has been sentenced to 7 years – CRIES IN COURT! (Video)

MTO News learned that a 12-year-old gangster rapper from Fort Worth, Texas has been sentenced to 7 years in prison. The boy, Lil Rodney, is a suspected Crip and one of the most popular rappers in the Fort Worth area. According to police, the self-proclaimed gangster admitted cutting off his ankle monitor to attend a friend’s funeral in breach of his oversight regulations.

Here’s a video of Lil Rodney bragging about being a Crip and shooting people in the hood:

However, this isn’t Lil Rodney’s first run into the law. He was on parole in 2019 for arson and allegedly shot a 1-year-old baby during that time.

Yesterday, a Texas judge sentenced him to seven years in a juvenile detention center after police alleged he removed his ankle monitor and shot a one-year-old baby.

While under supervision for both the arson and the alleged shooting of the one-year-old baby, Lil Rodney asked if he could attend a friend’s funeral and was turned down by prosecutors for asking for details about his relationship His friend was asked, did not even know his friend’s last name. But Lil Rodney went to the funeral anyway. He’s been in jail for seven years now and Lil Rodney, who usually wears a tough exterior, cried like a baby, maybe because despite his actions, he’s still one.

Here is a video of the hearing:

Rodney, who is usually a tough gangster on video, collapsed and cried like a baby during his Zoom hearing. But the judge, Judge Kim, was unmoved.

“Every time you come in here you cry. You know that, don’t you?” Said the judge.

“Every time you ask me for another chance. You swear to God: “In my mother’s name”, “I will not turn off the monitor, I will not run away.”

Lil Rodney will remain in a juvenile detention center until he is 19.

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