13 Nice Horror Motion pictures of the 2010s You May Have Missed

The great thing about being a horror fan is that horror is always in season. As one of the most reliable low-budget money makers in the industry, the horror business is booming time and time again, which means exciting new genre films can be seen almost every week of the year – especially over the past decade since digital technology made budget filmmaking more accessible than ever. The disadvantage? That means you are likely missing a lot of good stuff just because so much of it flies under the radar.

With that in mind, I’ve taken a look back over the past decade and selected ten of my favorite horror films that haven’t gotten quite the love they deserved from audiences. Because the horror genre is so robust, and there are tons of gems that didn’t make it to the box office – or the heck didn’t even get a proper theatrical release – I’ve narrowed this list to movies with around 30,000 or less votes on IMDB . Yes, it’s a somewhat arbitrary metric, but it sure helped me cut down on a list that got rampantly out of control.

I also tried to distribute the picks through a subgenre. We have exciting horror comedies and dark genre fuel, psychological horror, zombies, sci-fi, a slasher riff or two, and some movies that are defying genre labels right now. Most of all, I only picked the films that I love and that I wish more people had seen.

As I said, there is a lot of horror out there so this is definitely not an exhaustive list. So, listen to your Favorite Horror Movies of the Decade in the comments, and then click the link for more information on Best Movies of the Decade coverage.

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