20 12 months previous scholar creates GoFundMe to cut back breast measurement! (Photos)

A law student started a fundraiser to fund a breast reduction surgery after she was ridiculed at school for her large cup size, MTO News learned.

Aminata Daboh, a UK student with 32HH breasts, set up a Go Fund Me page in mid-November and has raised £ 1,309 to date.

“As many of you know that I was unfortunately ‘blessed’ with large breasts and while it can be admirable to other people, it actually caused me a lot of emotional stress and physical pain in my teenage years and now as I keep going grown up. “


Aminata told her friends and followers from a young age that her breasts were growing rapidly and that by the time she was only 15 she had a cup size of 32JJ.

She describes how she feels insecure about her body and has to wear loose clothing because any piece of clothing, like a simple T-shirt, looks too revealing.


She says this got worse as I got older: “Even as I got older and my cup size increased, I was often sexualized and objectified by a lot of people, which put me very ashamed of how I looked compared to my peers,” she says.

She describes how in addition to the physical pain they cause, mental effects also occur: “They also attract a lot of unwanted attention from people, which makes me feel very anxious and insecure most of the time.”

So far, over 50 people have donated on their donation page.

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