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How to Rent Bounce Houses, Water Slides and Obstacles

Nov 21

You can bring a fun element to any gathering with Bounce Houses. You can hire Bounce House Rentals Burleson for a couple of dollars. Make sure you consider safety and insurance before you decide to rent. Also, consider the area where the inflatable will be put. Inflatable bounce houses are able to be set up and taken down quickly. Inflatable jumpers are the best option for children who are young as they aren't too big.

It is important to consider the kind of surface where you'll place your inflatable. If you plan to put it on the lawn or driveway ensure that you don't have a floor that is hard. Grass is safer than concrete and is a good option for smaller bounce houses. A number of manufacturers have recalled inventories in recent years. A bounce house can be used anyplace, but you must always verify that the product is recalled prior to purchasing one.

To build an indoor bounce house the surface must be flat, with grass or grassy ground. A large, open area will be perfect. A rocky surface can cause cracks in the material , and bounce house rental companies will not put up a bouncer over it. Choose an even surface like concrete or asphalt. These surfaces are more comfortable and reduce the risk of punctures. The weight limit for a bounce house is usually 1000 pounds. Therefore, ensure that you leave plenty of space.

If the bounce house is big you might need to clear a large amount of space in your yard. Larger bounce houses will require at least 20 feet of vertical clearance. A small bounce house might only require 10 feet of clearance. Our biggest bounce houses can be as big as 22 feet. Before you put up your inflatable, ensure you take measurements of the space. Also, ensure that you employ a competent adult who will supervise the children when they play in the bounce house.

You can rent Bounce Houses in various sizes and types

The size of your event is the primary factor when choosing the right bounce house. A bounce house is an ideal addition to any event, whether it's a birthday celebration or church picnic. You'll be amazed at how much fun your children will have. And your event will be a success for all the right reasons. Jump houses are an excellent choice.

If you rent a bounce house, be sure to allow plenty of space to set up. A bounce house that is overcrowded could cause more injuries than they are worth. Fortunately, bounce houses are simple to set up. Make sure that your yard is level and free of trees and other obstacles. You want your kids to have fun while you're setting it up. Also, you can hire a magician to entertain the guests.