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Brisbane Music Rental Services Is Famous For Its Vibrant Music Scene

May 28

Brisbane Music Rental Services is famous for its vibrant music scene. If you're looking to learn or just play the guitar, there's a musical instrument that is perfect for you!

Buying an instrument is a daunting task when you're not sure if you'll stay with it. That's why we offer an instrument rental service that is convenient. Sign up and pay each month for your instrument!

Rentals of Student Instruments

If you're unsure if your student is going to stick with their instrument, or want to try to upgrade their instrument or just can't afford to pay outright, we have you covered! In conjunction with Studio 19 Rentals, we now offer a low-cost instrument rental program. Simply choose the instrument you are interested in, click the RENT NOW button, fill out the quick and simple online application (normally completed in 10 minutes) and you're done!

Rent a quality instrument that is approved by an educator with a simple plan that includes an initial payment, an instrument repair service plan and weekly school delivery. This is the best way for students to begin their musical journey. We offer a broad selection of brass instruments. These include trumpets. cornets. french horns. trombones. Also, woodwinds like clarinets. Saxophones. flutes. and Oboes. Stringed instruments are violin, viola, cello and double basses. Percussion instruments can be played by hitting or scraping with mallets or sticks, or even the player's own hands.

Rentals of Band Instruments

We've joined forces with Studio 19 Rentals to offer you an easy option to rent instruments for a monthly payment. If you see a rent-now button below the price of the item, it means that you can rent an instrument or bundle for a few dollars a month. Click on the Rent Now button and follow the prompts. Credit approval is usually the same day.

Melbourne alt-rock lovers Slowly Slowly performed at Brisbane's Tivoli for the third show of their Daisy Chain album tour last night, with support from Between You & Me and CLEWS. The band performed a two-hour show that included their complete album.

Renting School Instruments

Our School Instrument Rentals provide students with the chance to start their musical journey by purchasing an instrument of the highest quality that has been approved by educators. The plan offers an affordable monthly fee and the option to upgrade or return your child's instrument at any point.

Stringed instruments can be played by hitting or bowing a taut string. We have a variety of instruments to rent, including violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Brasswinds can be played by blowing into the mouthpiece to create harmonics. We rent a variety of trombones. cornets. trumpets. and french trumpets.

Percussion is a vital element of any school band or orchestra program. We offer a broad selection of drums and combos made by leading brands. Rental plans also include a warranty and maintenance coverage. The peace of head that directors receive from knowing that their repairs are covered by the school, and not by them is priceless. This helps increase student retention and parental involvement.