Action Paxton & Kung Fu Vampire Team Up For Incredibly Malicious Darkness, ‘5am’

Two artists with uninterrupted tour plans direct their unbelievable hectic pace to a stormy juggernaut of a single, “5 o’clock in the morning”.

Action Paxton and Kung Fu Vampires are pre-eminent artists on the West Coast and have a rabid commitment to continually making their way on the live music scene within the genres of their choice. They are standout artists who contribute to spaces across genres that range from jam band vibes to jam band vibes, from hip hop to dark experimental bass – Action Paxton is also a member of the Kung Fu Vampire Band as a drummer.

Action Paxton and Kung Fu Vampire have made their live performance their musical identity.

Action Paxton played Burning Man every year between 2008 and 2019. His festival credits include Outsidelands, the Oregon Eclipse Festival, the World Orisa Festival, the SOFA Fest and so many other events in nearly two decades on an international level. Enjoy this incredible sound design and effortless production dynamics with ‘5AM’.

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