Actor Jamie Foxxx reveals new ‘ripped’ body and new HAIRLINE !!

53-year-old actor Jamie Foxx revealed his new, extremely ripped body in a new Instagram story post – MTO News read learn – and he looks amazing.

But it’s not just Jamie’s body that looks rejuvenated – his hairline too.

The Oscar winner, who is currently preparing to play boxer Mike Tyson, took off his shirt to show off his six-pack abs while hanging out with his dogs King and Kong.

Here is the picture:

Then, a few moments later, Jamie decided to give the fans another treat. He posted a picture showing his brand new hairline.


Jamie appears to have had a hair transplant to restore his hairline, which has been receding for years. Here are some previous pictures of Jamie’s hairline.


Jamie first became famous in 1991 when he landed a guest role on In Living Color. He has had a fairly uninterrupted career since then, with two Academy Award nominations in 2004 for Ray and Collateral. Since then, he has also starred in films such as Django Unchained and Baby Driver, and has released several studio albums.

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