All Rise Sneak Peek: Mark worries after Amy does not come residence


Mark and Amy’s fight is far from over at All Rise. In TVLine’s exclusive look from Monday’s episode (CBS, 9 / 8c), Amy still hasn’t returned home after storming during an argument with her boyfriend.

For those in need of a refresher, shocking evidence of an old case recently surfaced on Mark’s front door, courtesy of a mysterious sender. But instead of taking Amy’s advice, Mark sought out his best friend Lola’s instructions, which didn’t go well with his girlfriend.

Now, Mark (played by Wilson Bethel) desperately calls Amy (Lindsey Gort) to deal with his TikTok case involving the kids who were throwing parties during COVID. “Amy, you didn’t come home last night and you need to text me and at least let me know that you are okay,” he says in a worried voicemail message. “Otherwise I’ll have to start calling the hospitals.”

Though Mark and Amy are often on opposite sides on the law, “it will be great … how they grow as a couple and how they figure out how to be a couple and professionals in the same household,” co-showrunner Dee Harris -Lawrence tells TVLine.

Elsewhere later this week, when Lola’s husband Robin shows up in their courtroom in his official FBI capacity, Benner insists that Lola recycle herself.

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