Amanda Bynes’ fiance Paul Michael calls the actress “the very best factor that ever occurred to him”

Amanda Bynes‘ Fiance Paul Michael spoke about his relationship and future wedding with the reclusive actress in a new interview with E! News.

While the 34-year-old actress She’s the Man and Hairspray has largely fallen out of the public eye in recent years in personal unrest, she and Michael have been engaged for almost a year. However, they do not live together.

“We’re doing great,” 29-year-old Michael told E! News on Saturday December 12th. “We go for walks and work every day, we like to drink coffee and talk about living together some day. We limit ourselves to what we can do in this pandemic, even if we want to do more. We are limited. [We plan on] Spend the holidays together for a family dinner and plan the wedding too after we’ve lived together. “

“We take good care of each other and get along and she is a good listener and we are there for each other,” continued Michael. “We’re having the best time and I love spending every second with her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

It was a whirlwind year for Bynes, who has lived mostly in a sober shared apartment since 2019. She announced her engagement last Valentine’s Day in February. E! News later learned that Bynes and Michael had dated and met in rehab about two or three months earlier. Three weeks after their engagement was announced, the actress announced that they had split. But a day later they seemed to be reconciled.

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