Amazonas The Wilds: Grade It!


What’s worse than being stranded on a desert island? As the world’s teenage girl, Amazon Prime proposes survival drama The Wilds in the series premiere on Friday.

The first episode begins with an investigation: a scratched Leah (played by Gotham’s Sarah Pidgeon) is interviewed about what happened after she and several other girls were stuck in the middle of nowhere. According to Leah, authorities believe it was a terrible experience. But “what was so great about the life we ​​left behind?” Before adding, she states that being a young girl is “the real hell”, with its dark moods, brutal social scene, ridiculous expectations and high levels of responsibility.

Leah had been through one of those dark moods before the accident. She fell in love with Jeff (Carter Hudson of Snowfall), an older writer, and after she turned 18 she lost her virginity to him – unless she was actually 16 years old. Jeff finds out the truth when someone sends him Leah’s birth certificate. “You’re a kid and you lied to me,” he says, as if he wasn’t flirting with her when he knew she was in high school. Then he tells a disturbed Leah that she should never call him again. Unsure what to do with their gritty daughter, Leah’s parents send her to the Dawn of Eve women’s retreat on Kona Island.

Also on the private flight are: Leah’s classmate Fatin (Sophia Ali from Grey’s Anatomy); angry tomboy Toni (Erana James from Golden Boy) and her cute best friend Martha (Jenna Clause); Elite scuba diver Rachel (The Bold and the Beautiful’s Reign Edwards) and her worried, super-smart sister, Nora (Helena Howard of Don’t Look Deeper); tough Texan point (Hunters’ Shannon Berry); The god-fearing beauty queen Shelby (Mia Healey); and extremely upbeat, pink-loving Jeanette (Chi Nguyen), the only girl who doesn’t come in pairs (red flag!).

While the girls are playing an introductory game, the plane begins to experience turbulence, and the next thing Leah wakes up in the middle of the sea with a barely conscious Jeanette hovers nearby. Leah manages to get Jeanette to an island where the other girls ended up too. It turns out they all know CPR – isn’t that weird, Leah asks the authorities? – and can revive Jeanette, who later mysteriously apologizes to Leah (red flag No. 2!).

With only Diet Coke to feed them – the sugar in normal things makes it sink, Nora explains – things look bad until the girls discover a working cell phone with just enough battery life and coverage to make a strategic call. It’s a shame no one answers them. Shelby, who prides itself on being a huntress, not just a pageant queen, and Toni go out in search of fresh water, but that doesn’t end well after Toni accidentally falls Shelby down a hill either. (The force almost knocks out Shelby’s partial denture, hmmm.) At least they manage to get Fatin’s waterproof suitcase full of clothes. # small victories

Later that night, Jeanette vomits blood and collapses from internal blood loss. Leah announces she is dead, so the girls bury her body and sing a pink song in her honor. What Leah hasn’t told anyone is that Jeanette’s phone rang from the grave while everyone was asleep, she tells authorities. She called Jeff but was cut off before she could tell him what had happened. She never told the other girls about it because she was embarrassed. And she doesn’t know why Jeanette withheld the phone from them (red flag No. 3!).

Cut to a building where Rachel Griffiths’ character is informed that Jeanette is dead. It’s okay though, because they have another agent on the island, she says when she sees a satellite feed of the girls. Twist!

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