Ammika Harris shares her view of life of all forms

Ammika Harris shared what she believed about life of all forms. Check out the post with fans speaking in the comments.

Someone said, “No matter what it is that something or someone just wants love, care and concern,” and another follower wrote this: “So true, some people only want to give love when they need something.” come back and it just doesn’t work that way 😑 ‘

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One commenter said, “Some people don’t know the difference when they’re in a relationship. And it can be exhausting.” Another commenter said, “You are super stupid.” You like a Blasian superwoman who is cool. ‘

One fan wrote: “So true. It’s definitely a process, it takes time. Some do not know the difference because they never had true love, it is alien to them. COMMUNICATION IS KEY, has to be easy, let them know how you are feeling.

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Someone else said, ‘I love this post honey this should make a person believe I know I did. All that is worth actually doing doesn’t have to just say the words. That is in every aspect of a person’s life, even the personal parts are too much more 💯💯❤️ ‘

One commenter wrote: ‘I love you Ammikaaa. Keep spreading positivity. 💜💜💜 ‘and one follower said,’ So true … stay strong beautiful … it’s called a journey … growth. ‘

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‘Hello spring, the reason my nails are yellow | @loungeintimates’ said Ammika.

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