Anni Pohto celebrates female power with her new ‘Everywoman’ anthem

By the time Your EDM found Ani Pohto and introduced her for New Artist Spotlight, she had already released a number of singles showing off her unique blend of heavenly vocal work, jazzy, syncopated beats and bold, honest lyrics. Pohto’s more recent work started very electronically and was a bit more analog, although it was nonetheless gripping and exciting. However, with their latest single, “Everywoman” is a return to form, and that form is definitely feminine.

The Nordic cultures have a literally centuries-old tradition of folk music celebrating the divine feminine, and with the folk-style drums pervading every aspect of Everywoman, Pohto seems to be promoting that ancient vibrancy and worship through 2021 and in her mind Clarify a few things about the somewhat unnatural dichotomy that exists in the modern world between genders and gender roles.

We all have masculine and feminine traits. The fact that we approach femininity with condescension on the one hand, and on the other with total disgust and fear, says a lot about our time and our attitudes.

While pondering these issues, Pohto seemed inspired to correct the record with ancient music and a modern spoken word-style explanation of the greatness of female power.

Because in reality femininity is a force of nature from which all genders can draw. Femininity is water: in one moment a gently flowing river, in another thundering, life-threatening white water. A calm ocean beach that plunges into a tsunami that bursts over everything. Femininity is not passivity or weakness. There is a determined, flowing serenity that will always find its way, shaping any obstacle and softening its edges over time.

A nice feeling that goes with a powerful song. In “Everywoman,” Pohto lists the names of powerful and influential women throughout history as her strong singing voice holds them all together and proclaims that this power and strength flows through us all. all genders, all people. It’s not something to be scared of, but something to be hugged.

The message of “Everywoman” is steeped in history, but it also looks to the future so that humanity can embrace this feminine power. Published on March 8, International Women’s History Day, Everywoman explains that women have a strong and important place in history and in the future.

“Everywoman” is available now and can be streamed on Spotify.

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