Asian Doll, JT & Megan Thee Stallion Beef on Twitter !!

Twitter broke out on Sunday after Asian Doll got into a Twitter spit not only with JT from the City Girls but also with Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

The drama began after Asian released Megan Thee Stallions “Do It on the Tip” with City Girls. Asian was on the original version but didn’t make Meg’s album.

“I’ve done well, but I’m about to pay attention to you looking for hoes and I come with facts,” JT wrote on Twitter after catching the wind of Asia’s livestream. “Sympathetic butts are really starting to grind my gears. When you know you’re gone, draw attention and cause excitement, why are you talking about it? Does it bother you to lie! But get away.”

“Get a pretty successful record hoe. Buoy has the right one,” JT also wrote. “To like [Asian Doll] Forget it. They search the internet for dramas weekly to be posted on blogs. You’ve been salty for a while now !!! … City Girls came and laid all the dolls to rest. Let us talk about it. 2016 Big Moon boots with irrelevant heels better find a toy … they won’t be dropped by any record label. Must be dropped on your head to believe you can fuck with me. Smoked ant bitch lets us talk about it. “

Meg tried to play peacemaker – it didn’t go down well with Asian:

Check out the back and forth above:

CARDI B & MEGAN THEE stallion drunkenness !!

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