Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms resigns over a HUGE SCANDAL !! (Details)

Last night, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms – the 60th mayor of Atlanta and the second black woman to serve as mayor of the city – informed the public that at the end of her term she will step down and not seek re-election. The news astounded not only her supporter but the entire nation as Keisha was viewed as one of the biggest and brightest political stars in the country.

Keisha has reportedly decided to leave politics entirely and take a private sector job at Walgreens.

What made Keisha end her political career so abruptly? Well, MTO News did some research in Atlanta – and what we found was unsettling.

According to an extremely well-placed source in Atlanta politics, Keisha is stepping down over a growing political scandal – in which she is accused of firing a police officer – whom some describe as “innocent” – only to address the riots on the streets of Atlanta to stop.

Last June, Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe shot Rayshard Brooks in a car park owned by Wendy.

The mayor of Atlanta was quick to fire Officer Rolfe in her own words to “prevent rioting in Atlanta” after other high profile police shootings last summer.

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But Keisha’s decision may have been the wrong one. First of all – it didn’t stop the riots. The city has faced some of the worst civil unrest despite their action and an innocent child was shot dead during the riot that summer.

New evidence also suggests that Officer Rolfe may actually be innocent – or at least be falsely fired.

Yesterday the Atlanta Civil Service Board reinstated officer Rolfe and given him a refund. The board noted the city’s failure to adhere to proper protocols in the dismissal of Officer Rolfe without due process.


What are the details of Rayshard Brooks death? Here’s how the NY Times describes the facts surrounding his murder:

After 40 minutes of quiet interrogation and conducted sobriety tests, the encounter abruptly turned towards violence when officers arrested Mr. Brooks.

Mr. Brooks hit one of the officers, grabbed the other’s taser, fired it, and ran. One of the officers, Garrett Rolfe, dismissed his own taser and picked up his nine-millimeter Glock pistol when Mr. Brooks turned and again dismissed the stolen taser.

Mr. Rolfe fired and struck Mr. Brooks twice in the back.

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