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Best Way to Clean Drum Cymbals

Oct 27

Part of being a good drummer is knowing how to keep your components in check. And this means keeping everything safe from damages that come from too much dirt.

Cymbals are a very important aspect of every drum set, and you want to make sure they are well protected. Best cymbals can also be quite expensive, which means to don't want your investment to go to waste.

What is the best way to Clean Drum Cymbals?

It is unfortunate that most people underestimate clean cymbals' power and how it affects the quality of sound. They don't see much value in taking care of their cymbals.

This can cost you the sound quality and durability of these products.

If you don't clean your cymbals, you are only asking for trouble. Bad things like colour changing, rust, and cracking will happen to them.

This could have been understandable in the past, where there were no specialized products for cleaning cymbals. Drummers were forced to use a brass polish, which is still largely applied, even though there are many other cymbal care methods.

Technology has brought us new ideas that make it easier and efficient.

In this guide, I will be sharing with you the best way to take care of your cymbals. Come along.

Why should you clean your cymbals?

Cleaning cymbals makes them look more attractive. But it's not only for looks that you should keep your theme polished. Dirty cymbals can look grubby and unattractive, which even reduces their life span and worth.

Besides, the dirt and oxidized metal that collects on the cymbals' surface can change the sound of your cymbals. Bright sounding cymbals for brass and other light hitting music genres become muffed, which can affect how much sound you get from them.

The last thing you want is having to strain to get good sound from the instrument because of something you can control.  Also, your cymbals lose their ring and crispness. It is never a good feeling there.  

A good drummer understands the tone of their instruments. It's like they become one with their kit and will do everything to ensure their kits sound incredible.  

If, therefore, you are looking for a more trashy, lo-fi, or punchy sound, try dirty cymbals.

Although some may like such a sound, it is never impressive for most of us.

For me, cleaning cymbals periodically is essential. The warm sound they give and the feeling of having something new make me feel proud.

Also, sometimes you may want to sell your cymbals are you upgrade to new ones. No one will want to look at dirty cymbals.

And if you let dirt and rust pile too much, it can lead to cracks on them. This makes it even harder for you to sell.

In other words, cleaning cymbals can save you money.