Big Sky Video: Scarlet comes dangerously close to discovering Ronald’s secret


On the one hand, we love the courage Big Sky’s Scarlet shows in this exclusive look at this week’s episode. On the other hand? Scar, honey, you’re in SO. MUCH. DANGER.

The clip from Tuesday’s episode (ABC, 10 / 9c) shows Ronald’s – um, we mean Arnold’s – girlfriend confronting him after finding a handwritten note on his things. We know that the loving message was written by US Marshal Mark Lindor and left on Helen’s tombstone to get Ronald out so that he could be captured. But all Scarlet sees are some delicate words adorned with a heart.

After distancing himself from Ronald when he suggests they watch a movie, Scarlet pushes. “Think really, really hard about why I might be crazy,” she says. Then she produces the note that says “I will always love you” and Ronald goes into defensive mode.

But as the previous episode hinted at, Scarlet isn’t as meek as she might first appear. And if she pulls out Ronald’s taser and sets the rules for her upcoming interrogation, we’ll be happy to see it. (But we’d love you to survive, too, Scarlett. So be careful.)

Elsewhere in the episode, Jenny and Cassie have frightening encounters with people who want them to leave Blake Horst’s case alone. And when Blake returns to the ranch, the rest of his family won’t be exactly upset if his spurs clang near them when they notice our drift.

Press PLAY on the video below to see Ronald get caught, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the second half of the season!

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