Black Trump Supporters JUMPED In DC; Stabbed within the again and neck !! (Graphic video)

A group of Trump supporters, mostly made up of blacks and Latinos, were beaten and stabbed multiple times last night, MTO News learned. The incident occurred in Washington DC shortly after the polls closed, and Trump was on his way to defeat.

One of the alleged victims, Enrique Tarrio, claims he was cut in the stomach while “several other members” of his entourage were injured, including a man who was stabbed in the neck and a woman who was stabbed in the back with them was stung.

The group said they would go home after watching the polls at a DC bar when they were jumped and stabbed by Black Lives Matter partners.

And the blows and stings were recorded on video.

After the fight, a man went back to the videographer and said, “I’m bleeding.”

Another alleged victim, Bevelyn Beatty – a black woman who had previously thrown paint on the Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower – held her lower back and said, “They stabbed me.”


“She’s bleeding really badly!” gasped videographer Jen Loh, a former vice president of Latinos For Trump.

“We just jumped off Black Lives Matter and they just stabbed Bevelyn Beatty.”

But there is more. Moments later, Loh went to the man who had clasped his neck at the beginning of her clip – and suddenly gasped for air. “Oh my god, you’ve got tons of blood off your neck!”

“Yes I will!” said the panicked man, still clutching the wound.

The group signed on police and paramedics and told them, “We just got skipped by Black Lives Matter here.”

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