Blake Energetic toasts Ryan Reynolds for his birthday decisions, however he is proper

While I can support Blake Lively on the candle issue, it seems like a bad idea to set your dessert on fire while you eat it, otherwise I’ll have to side with Team Reynolds here, as cakes are superior to cakes in almost all areas is a conceivable way. It can be made from real fruits like apples or cherries, or it can be made as a smoother textured dessert like lime or lemon meringue. Cake is just … cake. It’s often too dry; frosting almost always seems too sweet. And buttercream frosting is too heavy. It can certainly be done well, I’m not saying every cake has ever been bad, but the dessert is way too important to leave to chance. Even if you have a bad pie crust, you can still eat the portion of the pie in the crust and still be happy. Plus, next to cake, ice cream is almost always better.

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