Blueface Livestreams themselves commit HOME INVASION; Faces 20 years in prison!

Rapper Blueface streamed live when he broke into a neighbor’s house and attacked him, MTO News learned. And now the rap star faces up to 20 years in prison because of the video.

The incident began when a neighbor who lives with a friend of Blueface’s – in an apartment in downtown Los Angeles – knocked on her door complaining about the noise.

Blueface’s girlfriend called the rapper and Blueface came over and confronted the angry neighbor. At first, Blueface and his friend only spoke to the neighbor. But eventually they pushed their way into his house and attacked the man.

It was all recorded on video and streamed live by Blueface’s girlfriend.

MTO News confirmed that the man was injured during the beating and contacted Los Angeles police. According to a social media report, police are planning to indict Blueface as early as today.

Here is a video of the attack:

And MTO News has confirmed that Blueface is now in serious trouble.

California Criminal Code 459 PC states that any person, armed or unarmed, who breaks and enters an empty or occupied apartment, house or building with the intent to commit a crime or offense such as theft or assault is guilty of home invasion, either a home invasion first or second degree.

California has cracked down on intruders and the Los Angeles District Attorney is pushing for the maximum sentence for anyone convicted of the crime – 20 years in the case of Blueface.

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