‘Borat 2’: Amazon paid $ 80 million to proceed unique plans scrapped after pandemic

Borate 2, the only film anyone wants to talk about, continues to hit the headlines as more details about the production emerge. That means – Borat mastermind and all-round comedic genius Sacha Baron Cohen The sequel was originally planned to be released in theaters via Universal before it eventually landed on Amazon for a reported price of $ 80 million.


Image via Amazon Prime Video

As reported by Deadline, Baron Cohen urged Borat Subsequent Moviefilm to be in theaters before the elections, but Universal was understandable given the fact that the pandemic will still have most theaters with very limited capacity if it doesn’t close immediately which makes box office receipts downright anemic. So the studio allowed Baron Cohen to buy his highly timely sequel from multiple streamers before Amazon ditched its $ 80 million glove (it’s unclear which it is, but it’s certain Netflix and Apple are among the Outlets that were bidding for the film). . In particular, Baron Cohen specifically wanted a streaming release as opposed to PVOD so that the widest possible audience could watch it without requiring an additional transaction. Basically, he didn’t want to play around with the “$ 20 to $ 30 per rental” nonsense that’s currently all over the place on smart TVs and Rokus.

Borat 2 has stuck in the headlines since its release last Friday, and has mainly focused on the controversial scene in which Rudy Giuliani seems to be caressing each other in front of the camera. There has also been some backlash about Baron Cohen’s treatment of some people in the film, including the late Holocasut survivor Judith Dim Evans and a friendly (and extremely patient) babysitter named Jeanise Jones. The controversy is to be expected from a project by Baron Cohen who has been pushing the envelope with his satirical characters for several decades. To find out more about Borat Subsequent MovieFilm, click here to view a deleted scene where Borat is almost skipped while singing his country song.

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