Bounty hunter Bossk is said to return in the book by Boba Fett

A new Star Wars rumor speculates that Bossk, the lizard-like bounty hunter, will return to the universe in the upcoming Disney + series The book by Boba Fett. reports that Bossk will actually appear on the show, which would make a lot of sense if it were true. While the rumor is to be treated with caution, Bossk’s appearance would coincide with the direction of the show as it will focus on a few bounty hunters. Let’s dive into the rumor as well as some surrounding theories about the Boba Fett series.

When Boba Fett’s book was announced at the end of the year The Mandalorian In Season 2, dozens of fan theories exploded online, wondering who could appear on the show alongside Boba Fett. The most obvious theories have centered on classic bounty hunters as Boba Fett has extensive experience with these characters. Some theories have speculated that Cad Bane – who debuted on Star Wars: The Clone Wars – would appear, but no reputable source has yet confirmed this. However, it seems that Bossk will most likely show up after more than one news source reports on it. Boba Fett has a long history with Trandoshan, so the rumor is easy to believe.

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Bossk first appeared in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with a brief cameo in which he was shown alongside several other bounty hunters tasked with finding the Millennium Falcon. After that movie, however, Bossk didn’t appear in a Star Wars project until the animated series The Clone Wars, which gave him a deeper backstory. During the show, Bossk and Boba Fett worked alongside Aurra Sing and Castas (other bounty hunters) and they did several missions together. In fact, Bossk served as the teenage bodyguard of Boba Fett for a while so they got used to it. Bossk’s fate since The Empire Strikes Back hasn’t been discussed in any Star Wars project, so The Book of Boba Fett would be a smart and welcome series for him to get back into the universe.

This is just one of many rumors surrounding The Book of Boba Fett series, as many other classic characters have been tossed around as potential cameos. Cobb Vanth, played by Timothy Olyphant in The Mandalorian, has been widely rumored, as has the Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal. Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Baby Yoda are some lengthy rumors too, but Star Wars fans probably shouldn’t get their hopes on these. However, given the mysterious nature of filming, it’s certainly possible that producers Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau created some pretty wild cameos, much like Luke Skywalker in the season two finale of The Mandalorian. Only time can tell.

Boba Fett’s book is currently confirmed to play Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett and Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand. Although a release date has not yet been announced, the series will debut on Disney + sometime in the winter of 2021 – presumably in the month of December. Like previous Dsiney + shows, episodes are released weekly. This message is from

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