Busta Rhymes challenges EMINEM to Verzus; Put together for struggle!

Busta Rhymes had a great year delivering his excellent album ELE2: The Wrath Of God in late October.

MTO News has learned that he has released a second Reloaded version of the album since the album was released and is pressing on it. Busta recently hacked it up with NME for a walk back in time. During the interview, he considered losing his Grammy nomination for “Best Rap Solo Performance” for 2000 to Eminem’s “My Name Is”.

And it seems like Busta wants to do a verse with Em

“Em is one of my favorite MCs,” praised Busta and confirmed his desire to compete with Slim Shady in a friendly Verzuz competition. “We did several records together and even on his latest album“ Music to Be Murdered Bym ”the track ‘Yah Yah’ got my singing of ‘Woo Hah !! Have you all in check.’ He’s an amazing motherfucker! Wyclef Jean was the first to play ‘My Name Is’ for me before it was even. We were on tour together and he had an EP with six songs by Eminem. When we played ‘My Name Is’ I couldn’t believe it. “


“I went so crazy on his bus that I smashed the windshield with my head!” he reveals and provides much-needed context as to why he once chose to ram heads with a mountain goat in the “Break Ya Neck” video. “I couldn’t believe the shit Em said and Dre’s production was amazing. There was nothing like it in the whole game at the time.” Interestingly enough, Busta Rhymes later did his own magic with Dr. Dre who produced classic tracks like “Legends Of The Fall Offs”, “Truck Volume” and more.

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