Caitlyn Jenner retired on social media after arguing against the participation of trans girls in women’s sports

Caitlyn Jenner Views have always been quite controversial for the LGBTQ community and their allies, but this time around, she made her stance as clear as possible – she’s against transgender girls competing in female sports! Of course, social media users weren’t happy about this, and many argued that Caitlyn does a lot of “harm” to already disadvantaged and discriminated young trans children.

The transgender reality TV star, who has expressed an interest in a political career, argued that it is not “fair” for transgender girls to participate in women’s sports.

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Before joining, Caitlyn was known as an Olympic gold medalist, so she is passionate about the subject.

The comments on “biological boys” competing in women’s sports were made while they were out drinking coffee.

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At that time, TMZ photographers caught up with Caitlyn and asked about it.

Jenner did not hesitate to make her point clear and replied, “This is a question of fairness. That’s why I reject biological boys who are transgender and compete in girls’ sports at school. It’s just not fair. And we have to protect girls’s sport in schools.

When asked whether or not this “delegitimizes” the “identity” of trans children, Caitlyn refused to respond and urged reporters to “have a good day” before leaving.

However, she later used social media to address her previous response and reiterated that she knew where [she stands.]’

Here are some of the responses she got to her testimony: “You are such a traitor … So now we need to protect girls’ sports from other girls?” And fairness? Don’t you know how testosterone blockers work? ‘/’ Girls belong in the girls’ sport. Trans girls are girls. There is NO evidence that trans girls outperform their cis counterparts. There is only evidence that they are being molested and hurt by their peers. Drop that, develop your hobbies, and spend time doing no harm to trans people. ‘

As mentioned earlier, Caitlyn is interested in politics and aspiring to be elected Governor of California. In a recall election, he will run against the Democratic governor Gavin Newsom.

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