Center Seashore Homicide is not your typical true crime collection – it is higher

There are a few moments in Murder on Middle Beach, HBO’s newest documentary series about true crime, where you may cover your eyes or fight the urge to creep out of your skin. And it’s not the violence or the gruesome images. The filmmaker just has a very close and intense relationship with his interview subjects.

Madison Hamburg was just 18 years old when his mother, Barbara Hamburgwas murdered outside her home in Madison, Connecticut in 2010. More than a decade later, the crime remains unsolved. But Madison never stopped looking for answers – even if it meant asking awkward questions to family members like, “Did you murder my mother?”

You know, just for example.

What began as a college project at the Savannah College of Art eventually became Murder on Middle Beach, the gripping four-part documentary that ends on December 6th. Madison worked on the documentary for more than eight years, which really isn’t a real crime series at all.

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