Chicago rapper charged with murder of 7 year old daughter by OPPS – as revenge !! (Images)

Last week, Chicago’s violence got even uglier than usual when a gangster shot and killed a 7-year-old girl. The gang killer shot the child in revenge – to return to her father, who was filming a disrespectful video on the grave of his dead opponents.

Now MTO News has learned that the 7-year-old’s killer is also a rapper from Chicago. Yesterday police accused 18-year-old Marion Lewis of the death of 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams while driving through McDonald’s.

According to the police, the shooter is a rapper who also bears the name Otto Laflare and is associated with the BabyT / Bloodgang gangs.

Chicago Revenge1

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said in a news conference Thursday that officials shot the suspect following a chase, accident and attempted carjacking.

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He confirmed the wanted person was wanted in connection with the murder of Jaslyn Adams, who was shot multiple times while she and her father were on the thoroughfare of a McDonald’s Sunday afternoon.

Jaslyn’s father is hospitalized in severe condition.

Here is the video where Jaslyn was killed:

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