Chloe x Halle Cowl Zhané’s “Sending My Love”: Pay attention

In 1994 Chloe x Halle covered the song “Sending My Love” by the R&B duo Zhané for Spotify Singles and Are & B. The Bailey sisters also gave a stripped down performance of their Ungodly Hour song “Tipsy”. Check out the tracks recorded in Los Angeles below. Scroll down to hear Zhané’s “Sending My Love”.

“We fell in love with Zhané’s ‘Sending All My Love’ for the first time because our parents blew up everything in our Atlanta home,” said Chloe x Halle in a statement. “We fell in love with the fact that they are also a duo and how their voices go so well together. It also really inspired us as a duo! “

Ungodly Hour is Chloe x Halle’s second album after their 2018 debut The Kids Are Alright. Read Pitchfork’s “The 7 Best Music Videos of June 2020” with Chloe x Halle’s “Forgive Me” at number 7.

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