Christina Aguilera loves her curves and hated being super thin

Christina Aguilera loves her curves and hated being super thin, according to a new interview with the 40-year-old Grammy winner health Magazine. Many people remember Christina from her time at Star Search and she grew up in the public spotlight and began her career at the tender age of seven. As a mother of two, Christina shares the wisdom she has learned over the years with her own children: Max (13) and Summer (6). As many women can tell, body image is one of the most important issues in a young girl’s life and while boys may also be affected by unrealistic standards that often appear on social media, it is a conversation that more women have with their daughters than lead with their sons. Christina is preparing to pass on to her daughter her lessons from learning to accept and love her curves.

Christina spent her early years in public addressing the difficulties she faced as a child star and being compared to her peers. She has performed with Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake and Keri Russell at the All New Mickey Mouse Club. She didn’t say whether Christina felt like she was being compared specifically to Britney Spears, but she did talk about her body and how she became happy when she filled in. This is what Christina told the magazine.

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When I got into this business, I hated being super thin. When I turned 21 I started filling in a little and I loved my new curves. I guess a loot!

Christina continued talking about the importance of self-love and self-acceptance and has reported that she enjoys being 40. You can see some of the photos from Christina Aguilera the health magazine featured in their story below.

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What do you think of Christina’s revelation that she was compared to other girls her age and how she hated being “super skinny”?

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