Claudia Jordan: Hitmaka just isn’t used to getting p * ssy !!

Claudia Jordan wasn’t impressed with producer Hitmaka, who spilled tea on some of his past conquests – and says she doesn’t believe he has sex very often.

Hitmaka publicly claimed to have slept with 3LW singer Naturi Naughton:

“I learned a real lesson that day. She lived in an apartment complex, we were cool, it was at Art Stone. If anyone in LA already knows about Art Stone, all the artists in North Hollywood used to live there,” said he.

At Cocktails with Queens, the ladies discussed Hitmaka’s latest Drink Champs interview.

Actress Vivica A. Fox asked, “Do you think he was hunting clout? Because that’s what I call it when someone has to like, okay, what you’re promoting? What have you been doing lately?”

All of the ladies felt his comments exceeded the mark: “This woman is married, she’s on a wonderful show, she works, collects a check, and she’s a mom,” said LisaRaye McCoy.

Claudia Jordan then said: “It reminds of a man who is not used to getting p * ssy. I have a boyfriend, right. We have sex three or four times a week. I hit, I crash!”

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