Conner’s boss on Becky’s relapse: “We may have done a disservice that makes it so easy to stop the cold turkey.”


Becky’s sobriety journey made an unfortunate detour during the March 31 episode of The Conners when the single mother had a glass of wine over dinner with an old friend. That slip resulted in a full blown relapse that occurred halfway through Wednesdays dramatic two-parter.

When asked why Becky fell off the car, showrunner Bruce Helford told TVLine, “When she went through her original drinking problem on the show, she quit [because] She was pregnant. After the baby was born, she stopped breastfeeding and may have been able to drink again [but she didn’t]. And we thought we might have done a little disservice to make it look so easy that someone could stop a cold turkey.

“It is not so easy [quit drinking] For most people and our show always tries to be a touchstone of reality in a world of sitcoms that often doesn’t exist, ”continues Helford. “She would definitely run into this problem again.”

This time Becky will seek professional help to overcome her addiction. “She’s going into rehab,” confirms Helford. “We’re going to be a little more realistic about it… There are some episodes [that cover] your journey. We are definitely seeing the process it is going through. “

Meanwhile, Helford hopes to investigate the effects of Becky’s relapse on her baby daddy Emilio in a possible fourth season. Speaking of which, where exactly are things in terms of a renewal?

“It’s being discussed,” said Helford, adding, “I think we’re doing well [in the ratings]. When you get the DVR numbers, the audience will be very loyal to us. And we all love it so much that the will is certainly there on our side. “

Helford admits that the season three finale could serve as a makeshift series finale in case the show doesn’t come back: “It’s a very satisfying season end, I’ll put it that way. I don’t know if I would consider it the end of a series. But it will definitely be a very satisfying end-of-season show for the audience. “

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