COVID Nightlife Information: Discover Open Venues and Have fun Safely

Like it all or not, many venues across the country are reopening amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. Some, like Florida, are allowed to reopen without restrictions, although many still choose to. Others are bound by my state or local guidelines to a variety of capacity, temperature, or social distancing restrictions.

Whatever you’re feeling, you can keep track of which venues are opening up with a nifty tracker courtesy of Discotech. The easy-to-use dashboard automatically displays a selection of the most popular cities in the US with a simple drop-down menu of other cities.

As you can see in the venue reopening status table and COVID stats below, Las Vegas, Phoenix / Scottsdale, and Atlanta lead the country in terms of the number of venues reopened. The table also shows the clubs’ status from “opening soon” to “permanently closed” as well as a color COVID card with risk level including cases per 100,000, ICU use and more.

If you are planning to travel soon – and for sure – this is a necessary tool before planning your trip.

See for yourself Here.

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