Cypress Hills B-Real: F * ck Steve Harvey !!

Cypress Hill rapper B-Real had some harsh words for Steve Harvey about all of the negative comments he’s made about hip hop over the years.

“We knew him before he got through, obviously because he was a famous comedian. But we also knew him because he was openly against hip-hop. He would argue against it, ‘Man, don’t fuck that, no music. You don’t know how to talk to women and you will not respect the women and all that violent shit. Like just typing in all the negative and not the positive, “he said towards the end of the interview.

He added, “This is where hip hop lives and you have to be the guy who shits hip hop, every damn chance he gets. And he still does to this day. Every chance he gets he’s going to be hip-hop follow.”

Steve Harvey hasn’t always spoken so negatively about culture – is B-Real right to be angry?

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