Damian Lillard’s kindergarten for his twins is healthier than a slam dunk

Damian LillardThe twins are about to score points with their new kindergarten.

As the Portland Trail Blazers player prepares to welcome two babies with his fiancee Kay’La Hanson There’s a big thing to do in the coming weeks. If you haven’t guessed it already, it’s time to get the nursery ready.

With the help of Pottery Barn Kids, the couple were able to create a quiet space that will soon be full of memories. And in a special surprise, E! News was able to get an early glimpse of the special room before the twins arrived.

From stars and clouds over the cribs to an extra wide dresser that would make any organizer jealous, this couple thought of everything as they prepared to expand their family.

“I’m a DADDY DADDY now,” 30-year-old Damian wrote on Instagram in August when he confirmed that his fiancée was expecting twins. “Happy for another boy, but this girl was met differently.”

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