Dance with the 10 greatest star feuds

Kaitlyn Bristowe versus Carrie Ann Inaba

Things get tough in the ballroom after the longtime judge claims she was “bullied” by fans of the former Bachelorette.

“I’m still being bullied. It’s around this time that people start bullying me for judging people,” Carrie Ann told The Talk after the November 2nd episode of the ABC reality contest. “I can’t believe it still happens as an adult.”

After Kaitlyn’s appearance with professional partner Artem Chigvintsev, Carrie Ann called on the couple to take a lift during the jive, which is against the rules.

“I was just a little torn … can you do a back-tap yourself,” she asked Kaitlyn. “I’ll call this an elevator.” In the end, she took points from her performance.

After their dance, Kaitlyn admitted to Entertainment Tonight that she was surprised by Carrie Ann’s comments, saying, “Is it from a place where you believe in us and want us to do better,” she asked. “Is it coming from a place I’ve been tough? Hannah [Brown] and you are still a bachelor girl? Where does it come from and how should we take it and put it in our next sample? What should we channel and use from this? ‘”

Artem added that Carrie Ann’s reviews felt “personal” and he felt like they would “never do” [Carrie Ann] happy.”

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