Danny Ramirez on playing Joaquin Torres in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

As we’ve already learned, one fun aspect of making the latest Marvel movie adventure is: The falcon and the winter soldierwas that a lot of the scenes showed a lot of improvisation. And while this was being guided by stars Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, whose previously established chemistry in Captain America: Civil War was an important factor in the creation of the Disney + series, and other actors could play around with the material on set.

This included Danny Ramirezwho plays Joaquin Torres, the extremely helpful officer who goes to work with Sam Wilson (Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Stan) to defeat the terrorist group known as the Flag Smashers. As Ramirez explains, this gave him the opportunity to try out some of his own jokes. Below he describes how this process was made possible and what he was told about his character in relation to his comic book backstory.

Collider: So I know you can’t tell me what happens in the finale, but I’m curious what are things that you know you filmed for previous episodes that you wish you had made the cut?

DANNY RAMIREZ: There isn’t a lot that didn’t make the cut, but there is a really fun moment on this final episode … I could see why they had to cut it based on licensing, I think maybe licensing who should say that. But it’s that little ad-lib about like, “I wish we were all more like the boy band BTS.” Because I was like that, I thought we could be more like RM. And so it was a fun little thing and there was a little dance that went with it. So yeah, that was a little bit where that would have been cool. But [the scene] It was more about the dynamic between us and there still had to be a moment between me and Sam, which was the most important.

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In general, it sounds like this show has a pretty casual feel about improvisation and whatnot.

RAMIREZ: A little bit of it. It was really how everyone interpreted the scenes and then Kari [Skogland] Trusted us very much in knowing our characters and who they were and what they wanted. It was very similar to, okay, playing within the rules of the game. And I think you could see that and it’s refreshing and there’s so much dynamic storytelling in it. With such phenomenal actors as I think of Sebastian and Anthony, it was possible that this was a path.


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Absolutely. Your character, of course, has a comic book story, like so many other characters on the series. How much of it was you aware of before you took on the role, and how much of it do you hope you may be able to play in the future?

RAMIREZ: Well, I was told that early on [the character] was an inspiration for the role, not necessarily the role itself. The comics and the MCU are … There’s a slight variation. But I read her when I was considered for the role just to know what that magic was in the character. He’s such an exciting and fun character in the comics. And that’s what I tried to convey – he’s more of a woman’s man in the comics. There are only fun little traits of character and I think would be fun to play with in interesting ways.

So yeah, if he turns out to be more of something in the comics, it would be fun to play with. But I know as much as you do. I haven’t seen the season finale yet. We’ll find out together.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier season finale premieres on Friday, April 23rd on Disney +.

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