DJ Khaled, Halsey, Daya & Extra emphasize the significance of voting

Election day 2020 is in just two days and it’s more important than ever to get out and vote!

To encourage everyone to cast their ballots, Billboard has compiled a list of 27 artists and music managers, all of whom emphasize the importance of voting. From DJ Khaled to power to HalseyArtists weigh in everywhere.

Just read some of the following quotes and read the full article here.

VOTE too!

Everyone goes to vote. Young world go choose. It is so important. The last time I felt like Obama came in and I had to vote. I am blessed to use my platform to encourage people to vote. It is important. If you love your family, children, friends, and the world we live in, you know, you go voting. If your happiness is important to you, vote. This is the time for it. Look what we’re going through … we have the opportunity to find the way to bring the light … we can’t be lazy. – DJ Khaled

It is incredibly important that people in the PA, and especially young people, get out and vote. Mainly because not many young people turned out in 2016. I hope my people do what is right. – Daya

Poll!!!!! Vote vote vote. If possible, vote early, and if you want to vote in person on election day, make sure you have a plan on how to do it safely. It’s so cool to see a lot of my fans preparing to vote for the first time in their lives. The youth will make or break that choice and I am convinced that they want to see a better life for themselves and this country. – Halsey

Source: poster | Photo via Steven Lawton / Getty Images

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