Do not Be Late Sneak Peek: Is Brielle Biermann “Stepmother” Materials?

Home Sweet Home.

In this exclusive clip from today’s finale of the eighth season of Don’t Be Tardy, the Biermanns are back home in Atlanta reflecting on their road trip adventure. When the family unpacks, including the matriarch Kim Zolciak-BiermannWig stand, Ariana Biermann gives an indication of an upcoming date.

Ariana asks, “What am I wearing tonight?”

Kim replied, “Oh, you’re going on a date – that’s why you’re in a good mood – with this new boy you met.”

According to Kim, Ariana likes “these handsome guys”.

In response, Ariana remarks: “Yes, I do. Because I like her pretty, otherwise I don’t even want to hug her.”

Nice to save, Ariana.

Ariana reflects on Don’t Be Tardy’s camera: “Our overall goal for this trip: selfies and men.”

During their “#ManHunt” it was announced that the family has found Brielle Biermann‘s “new friend”. In reality, it is just a looming animal skeleton.

Sorry, Brielle.

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