Doctor Fate and 6 other powerful DC Magic users

By now, you may have heard that Pierce Brosnan, known as James Bond in the mid-90s to early 2000s, was cast for Doctor Fate in Black Adam. If you’re unfamiliar with comic book stories, you may never have heard of this character, but suppose it might be a DC version of Doctor Strange. Well, it turns out, you wouldn’t be too far away as he is actually one of many DC Magic users in all of the publisher’s history.

What kind of fate and fascinating skills should we expect from Pierce Brosnan’s role in Black Adam? With that in mind, what other characters from the comics have we seen (or should we expect) in DC movies or DC TV shows who can do the same things as Doctor Fate? Some of the greatest (or even most serious) demonstrations of mystical arts in the DC Universe have been the work of the following seven characters, starting with the Man of the Magic Hour.

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