Don Diablo drops the world’s first full-length NFT concert

Ever since NFTs recently stepped out into the general public, artists have sought to create innovative collectibles. Tomorrow, Don Diablo drops the world’s first full-length NFT concert, “Destination Hexagonia”.

Don Diablo sold his first NFT, GΞNΞSIS, last month for $ 200,000, one of the highest debut prices for a debut NFT artwork.

About his upcoming drop, Don said, “My GΞNΞSIS drop exceeded all my expectations and it really inspired me. I immediately felt so warmly welcomed in the NFT community and therefore felt obliged to push things further into the future and continue to disrupt the status quo. At this point, we almost feel that this particular piece has become invaluable because we’ve worked on it for almost a year and put an incredible amount of love and effort into it. What’s next? I have some incredibly exciting collaborations planned and I can’t wait to share them with the world soon. This is just the beginning. “

Much of the profits from the sale of Destination Hexagonia will go to the HEXAGON Foundation, which Don set up to help artists in the NFT space. The foundation enables artists to apply for support for anything that helps them create, share and sell their art.

The full ONE HOUR film, which also includes a physical piece, will be auctioned on Friday April 9th ​​at

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