Dr. Dre’s spouse exposes three suspected “lovers” in courtroom: 1 white, 1 black, 1 Latina!

The multi-billion dollar divorce between Doctor Dre and his ex-wife is getting more chaotic every day, MTO News has learned.

Just last month Doctor Dre called the police on his estranged wife, Nicole, accusing her of “embezzlement”.

Now Nicole is calling three of Doctor Dre’s alleged lovers to testify in their divorce process. This is evident from legal documents reported in the Daily Mail.

The three alleged lovers, according to Nicole, are singer Jillian Speer, model skin care entrepreneur Kili Anderson and Crystal Rogers, the “queen of Latin American hip-hop”.

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The three women have hired a lawyer and are struggling to get into Dr. Getting involved in Dre’s messy divorce.

MTO News confirmed that one of the suspected women accused of being a mistress identified herself as White (Jillian), one as Latina (Kili) and one as Black (Crystal).

This is Jillian Speer, a singer:

This is Kili Anderson – a former video vixen who now owns a skin care line.

Here are some more pictures of Kili Anderson from her days as a prey model that are much more vivid: LINK TO GRAPHIC IMAGES

This is Crystal Rogers, a singer / rapper who calls herself the “Queen of Latin Hip-Hop”.


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