Dwell Nation faces teen overdose lawsuit at HARD Summer season 2015

Live nation must be brought to justice in the event of a drug overdose that occurred at HARD Summer Music Festival back in 2015.

Katie Dix, 19 years old, died of “multiple drug poisoning” after attending the event in Pomona, California. Her toxicological report was positive for MDMA and Ethylone.

According to the lawsuit, the medical response to the young night owl was delayed. During this time she went into cardiac arrest. The suit goes further, claiming Dix could have been saved had she received adequate medical care.

Katie Dix’s family accuses Live Nation of “negligence and a breach of their obligations to protect people from distributing or using illegal drugs.” A previous report on the suit describes the event as “overcrowded and understaffed”.

According to Pitchfork, Los Angeles District Supreme Court Justice Dan Thomas Oki recently overturned a decision in Live Nation’s favor and now holds the entertainment company responsible. He said, “An electronic music festival operator like Live Nation owes festival goers due diligence.”

The lawsuit was first filed in 2016, and after years of legality, the case will eventually be heard by a jury.

Source: Pitchfork, LA Times | Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

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