Erich Mrak returns to his dreamy hip-hop roots with “No Methods” SIngle

Although Erich Mrak is now known for his signature style which combines Dream Pop, Lofi EDM and Trap-inspired Hip Hop, he is very diverse in his sound. He combines more elements in his style than you think and with his first single “Girls” from his upcoming album Glimpse he really lets the pop / funk fusion that is often in the background of his music shine. It may have been a surprising change for some of his fans, but all of those elements are always there.

That means: After “Girls” Mrak released a number of revised versions of earlier tracks like “Fake It”, “Drive” and “Rip Tide”, he changed new elements, including rock, EDM and more rap-heavy hip hop (Mrak sings his lyrics usually similar to grime artists in the UK). Fans of Mrak’s original sound will now know with the second album single “No Ways” that the core sound is still very much present.

“No Ways” begins with a kind of funk guitar riff around which Mrak says he and producer Phil Hotz built the track. The guitar leads to a chilled-out but relatively fast-paced hip-hop / trap fusion beat, and these two things make up the majority of the backing track along with some tasty atmospheres and phrase transitions. While this isn’t always the case, tracks like “No Ways” are structured more like a pop or hip hop song than an EDM track because Mrak always has so much to say in his lyrics.

The premise is something pretty universal that so many people go through: how to navigate a friendship when feelings become romantic. From Mrak:

“No Ways” is about a friend expressing their romantic feelings and then getting their expectations under control while deciding what feels best for the further friendship. When you said good night and went home

We were all there, right? But as always, Mrak offers a new perspective on this universal state by making it both super-introspective and providing the mile-high vision. The conflict in the texts is between these two views: the individual’s feelings versus the overarching fact that it is unlikely to work. The way Mrak juxtaposes the two views, overlapping the texts and making some kind of beautiful mess of them, mimics the thoughts that can go through a person’s mind when going through such a struggle.

If anything, then that’s really Erich Mrak’s signature style: combining the introspective and the esoteric, the personal and the conceptual. “No Ways” is another example of how he does this so well, and a great teaser for an epic thinker of an album.

“No Ways” is available now and can be purchased or streamed here. Also check out the Lyric Visualizer for Mrak’s previous single “Girls” on his YouTube channel.

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