Eva Marcille shows her natural beauty and impresses the fans

Eva Marcille showed her natural beauty in a video on social media. Check it out below.

“You are naturally beautiful,” someone said, and another follower posted this message: “Eva !!! I LOVE your hair. I want mine to be done this badly.

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Someone else said, “You are so beautifully loved by America’s next model that I was hoping you would win,” and one commenter wrote, “Have a nice Sunday! I’m enjoying my quiet crochet time. #Mysunday. ‘

One follower said, “You are so beautiful inside and out. You inspired me to have a cocktail and 😍 ‘and one commenter said,’ Here it is by decree that you are God’s gift to man 😍😍😍 “! ‘

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Another commenter said, “Oh my god, you’re such a beautiful soul I’ve been a fan since America’s Next Top Model.”

One follower said, “You should have bathed first before doing this video,” and someone else said, “I hope to see you on TV again on your own reality show.” Such a fan of your energy since I first saw you on America’s Next Top Model. You are such a light, you have no idea! 🤎💜 ‘

Someone else said, ‘I saw a’ sunflower ‘cell phone holder and it reminded me of you !! @evamarcille ‘and one commenter posted:’ The front of your hairline and forehead look just like Mikeys❤️ ‘

Eva Marcille dropped an important message telling people she was defending the African marketplace and the drum circles farmers market. Check out her post below.

‘*** HELP US KEEP THE AFRICAN MARKETPLACE AND DRUM CIRCLE FARMERS MARKET. THE OFFICE COUNCIL OF THE CITY COUNCIL IS TRYING TO MAKE OUR LAST THIS SUNDAY *** In recent years black sellers in the village of Leimert Park have declared that we are trying to evict us from the village. At stakeholder meetings, neighborhood council meetings, and city council meetings, officials have said, “Oh, that’s not true. We want the sellers here. “But actions speak louder than words,” Eva began with her message.

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