Extremely recordsdata $ 800,000 lawsuit towards 2020 Staging Firm

Like any other festival in 2020, the Ultra Music Festival did not go as planned last March. Unlike most of the others, it was really the first major festival to be affected by the novel coronavirus. And just a few weeks before the event, it must have been a heavy blow for the industry and the festival organizers, the Event Entertainment Group.

Aside from the financial success of missing out on millions of ticket and merch sales, they had already invested nearly $ 800,000 in building the stages at AG Production Services, Inc. via a down payment. Now Ultra has filed a lawsuit against AG Production in an attempt to do so. The deposit, which according to Festival falls under the force majeure clause in their contract, will be recovered.

Ultra made a $ 798,808.50 deposit prior to the festival on a nearly $ 1.6 million contract. However, when it was canceled on March 4th, 16 days before the festival, AG Productions did not return the deposit.

According to EDM Tunes, “AG Events Ultra has announced that they have already spent all of the money on payroll, rental equipment, trucks, hotel expenses and travel expenses. Ultra pays for travel, hotel, and trucking expenses as the AG’s staff and equipment never made it to Miami. “

Ultra is currently scheduled for March 26-28, 2021. It is currently unclear whether this event will still take place due to the still existing dangers related to COVID-19 or whether AG Production will take over the staging.

Photo of a live coverage for the Ultra Music Festival

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