Finish the controversy as soon as and for all: which Thanksgiving meal is finest?

It’s the age-old debate that goes on and on.

While Thanksgiving may look different this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there is one thing that is sure to bring some comfort: the food! Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, it is so easy to enjoy the incredible opportunities for delicious bites available during the Christmas party. Just think of the filling, the potatoes, the vegetables, the cakes and of course the turkey.

But with so many delicious dishes served every year, everyone is very divided about which festive food is actually the best. Trust us, the opinions on this dispute are passionate! Some people feel that the main course – that beautiful golden bird – is the rightful star of the show. While others believe that it is actually the sites that steal the limelight – and that immersion in the topmost commandment always causes heated debate.

Then there are the people who fully embrace the phrase “save the best for last” and cite dessert as the highlight of the evening.

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