For all mankind Finale: Michael Dorman reacts to this huge Gordo twist


The following story contains major spoilers about the For All Mankind season two finale – proceed at your own risk

The season two finale of All Mankind also marked Michael Dorman’s final mission aboard the acclaimed Apple TV + drama, when his character Gordo sacrificed his life to save dozens of his colleagues. (Gordo died with his soulmate / American colleague Tracy, played by Sarah Jones.) The tragedy crowned Dorman’s redeeming two-season voyage. Below, the Patriot vet recounts how he found out he was killed and reveals the “charged discussion” that preceded his surreal final scene.

TVLINE | EP Ron Moore told us the decision to kill Gordo and Tracy was made while they were in the middle of season two. Were you blind?
I got a message that the producers wanted to chat. And when you get that kind of note, it’s always one of those daunting moments where you say, “OK, I think I know what that is.” You are never sure [about your job security] – I think this is the game we play as actors. When I attended this meeting, I put the Boyz II men’s “End of the World” in line. [on my iPhone]and we all had a good laugh. [Laughs]

These guys were so great. I have the greatest respect for them. We had a really great time together. And we talked about it [the reason for Gordo’s death]and it was one of those organic things. It was really fitting for the story as a whole. It made sense. If it didn’t make sense it would have been a lot more of a blind page. But it just felt right. It seemed like the perfect rounding off to such a beautiful storyline and a really rich character. [Gordo and Tracy went] with style – guns blaze.

TVLINE | Why do you think Gordo stopped fighting when Tracy insisted on joining him on the risky mission, especially when you consider that doing so increases the chances of their children becoming orphans?
Everyone decides on their own journey – who are we to oppose someone else’s truth? Gordo had searched for souls a lot [this season]. He had just come out of this deep depression where he was somehow hiding from the truth. And he switched to this new phase of himself, in which it says: “Yes, cool, we all run our own
To travel. And we accept and own the consequences. “At that moment he says:” Fair enough. It is impossible for me to do it alone. And there is a chance we can both return if we do it together. And if we don’t come back, would you be ready to take this fall with you? Cool. Respect.”

TVLINE | That final post-mortem shot of Gordo and Tracy with their eyes open was a slap in the face. What was it like shooting it?
We talked about how to see them. We shot it in different ways. It was a charged discussion. That was the last thing we shot. And in all honesty, it was just one of those quiet moments where you can ponder the journey we all took to get to this point. It was a very special little moment.

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