Frank Ocean cancels launch of recent vinyl and refunds orders

Frank Ocean has canceled the release of a vinyl with an unnamed new song that went on sale in February. A few months earlier, Frank had announced the 7 “release of a song called” Little Demon. “The February announcement indicated that the vinyl would include the unnamed new song instead. (An Arca remix of” Little Demon “was released in late 2019 published in episode 9 of “blonded RADIO”.) Now the vinyl has been completely potted.

“Due to the events of this year, Frank will no longer release the song you bought on vinyl,” said an email to those who bought the vinyl, including the Pitchfork staff. “We’ll refund you if you purchased this item, and any additional items in your order will be shipped next week.” Pitchfork emailed Frank’s representative for more information.

Prior to the November election, Ocean hosted a voter registration campaign on its Blonded website. Read “Meet the People Who Make Hundreds and Sell Frank Ocean’s Midterms Merch” and “How Frank Ocean Triumphs Without Trying.”

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