From Jamie Lee Curtis to Jennifer Love Hewitt: Our Favourite Remaining Women

It’s been 42 years Jamie Lee Curtis screamed their way into our hearts first.

On October 25, 1978, the famous actress made her film debut with a small, low-budget film called Halloween. Directed by Horror Maestro John CarpenterThe film introduced Curtis as Laurie Strode, an unfortunate babysitter whose life would forever be inextricably linked to that of a masked killer named Michael Myers.

Not only would the film start a highly lucrative franchise – spawning 10 more films, two more are on the way, while totaling over $ 640 million at the box office – it would also inspire a laundry list of imitators. It also introduced us to the idea of ​​the Final Girl. You know, the one woman who, like Laurie, is able to outsmart, outwit, and outlast the madman as the bodies pile up around her.

Curtis had no idea what a legacy she had set in motion for herself all those years ago, as she recently told Variety. “We had nothing to lose; we didn’t know we had anything to gain. We were just so happy to have this gig,” she said. “The original Halloween was done in 17 days with about 12 people … Everyone was young. Magic happened and none of us, not one person – dare I say even John Carpenter and [co-writer] Debra Hill– I don’t think anyone knew. “

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