Girl Gaga brings again her notorious meat costume for a must-see voting message

Lady Gaga restores her most iconic looks to get an important message across: get out there and vote!

On October 30th, the Star Is Born actress went on Twitter to share a video about the importance of voting. The video showed Gaga on a black background wearing some of her most famous outfits and hairstyles of her career. Looks included her blunt bangs and blue jersey ensemble from her “Poker Face” video, her country bar vibe reminiscent of her Jolene era, and her 2017 silver Super Bowl suit.

The video also marked the return of Gaga’s controversial meat dress, which she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards just over a decade ago.

The clothes might catch the eye, but it was the singer’s message “Rain On Me” that really mattered. She encouraged fans to vote even if they felt disaffected with the current political system.

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