Good Girls Recap: Who’s the Boss?


The last week of the Good Girls episode served the yummy tidbit that Beth’s crime boss had his own bossand this fascinating information was exactly what Beth needed to leverage intelligence agents Dave and Phoebe. On Sunday we finally got a glimpse into Rio’s personal life and learned that the tall, scary character he replies to … is his grandmother?

While Beth digged deeper into Rio’s family business, Annie had an innocent secret from Ben when the financial burden pushed Ruby and Stan to think of a sideline of their own. (These women sure know how to stay busy!) Read on for a roundup of the latest developments.

It’s been a while since we last saw Tyler, the security officer who became the acting manager of Annie’s former employer, but at the beginning of the episode, he encounters the three armed and masked women again. What in the world is going to go under? We skip to “Days Earlier” to unpack the latest schema.

Annie behaves all sorts of shades and tries to sneak out of her apartment early. After she refuses to tell Ben what’s in her backpack (he suspects guns, drugs, and body parts for having so much faith in his poor mother) we see her open a textbook in a GED prep class. Will it pass this time?

Dean is back home but still clueless how Beth financed his freedom. Not such a small detail: thanks to an anklet, he’s within three blocks of your home.

The women meet with Phoebe and Dave who make it clear that they are DGAF on women’s financial problems. Beth wakes up one day with a new plan and starts knitting new masks. The looks on Ruby and Annie’s faces say it all.

Meanwhile, Phoebe wears eyeshadow after complimenting Beth on her eye makeup. Dave notices it so casually (“What did you do to your face?”) And then tells her a story of his previous friendship with a criminal informant who burned him. He warns her that women are not her friends. “I see,” says Phoebe. “I’ll make her my slut, OK?”

Annie invites Tyler to her apartment to inquire about his “exciting new job,” and almost immediately the women go into planning mode. It is a “suicide mission” that will last forever. Beth’s answer? “Perfect.”

Tyler works as a security guard at a jewelry store, so Ruby drives her motorized wheelchair around the store to make an educational video. The ladies later go to work and steal enough diamonds to make Rihanna proud. When Tyler gets to work late (he’s got donuts so we’re letting it slip) it is clear that he and the women have a plan worked out. In the next scene, women Dave and Phoebe sit across from each other after being (deliberately) arrested. The agents tell them armed robberies will last 5-10 years, despite the spray guns the ladies in the charade used.

“We’re just trying to make a living,” Beth tells them. But Beth knows exactly what she’s doing. When she drops the fact that Rio’s boss wants to meet her, the agents’ ears rise and they agree to put the women on the payroll. Her risky plan works, and Ruby is back home counting Benjis in her kitchen. She points Stan out of his own plan, which includes last week’s fake designer bags, and says he should reach out to Gene.

Annie comes to take her GED test and tries to pay the proctor to get a passed grade. (Is this girl ever going to learn?) He clearly turns her off.

It’s time for Beth to meet the boss. Dave and Phoebe wire them up and give their best advice on how to get out of difficult situations: “Improvise”. Helpful.

Josh shows up as a drunken skunk at Annie’s house after his bachelorette party. He doesn’t want to get married. After a strange toilet humor that I would not like to recap for you, Annie immediately adds: “Do you really want to be with me or do you just not want to be with her?” His face is full of uncertainty.

Beth meets Rio in the suburbs and eventually meets his grandmother, the boss. His extended family is all present and responsible as Rio shares that Beth works for him. He puts his hand on Beth’s back near her wire, so she apologizes in the bathroom to get out of that jam.

She picks up the microphone and stows it behind some John Grisham paperbacks on a bookshelf. Rio appears in the door. “Have you found out yet? Grandma loves Grisham. “He tells her family and business are the same and that they wanted to meet her to see if she’s“ good enough. ”Beth then unbuckles his belt, but he shakes her off and pulls up her dress instead. They have a montage-style quickie before Rio says, “Hey … they like you.” (It looks like he’s still doing it!) So, mission accomplished?

Ben is annoyed to find Annie and Josh in the middle of the hug. After Annie explains it wasn’t, she takes her GED exam. You check her test results and … she passed!

Stan comes home and tells Ruby that he “got his cut”. Your living room is littered with fake bags as far as the eye can see! How much money they will make depends on how much they can haggle for the fakes.

Back at the Bolands, Dean is frustrated with his ankle monitor, which he believes is a new form of prison. Beth asks the children to turn up the TV volume and then she speaks.

Does Phoebe just want to be friends with the women and what exactly did Beth Dean say? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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